Terms and Conditions

WEATHER: All reservations are weather permitting. In Florida the weather is ever-changing. In the event of rain or bad weather, we will do our best to accommodate you by either rescheduling you to another day or by simply moving the picnic to another location/adding a canopy if the park allows it. No refunds will be issued to weather related changes. All reservations require a 48 hour notice and must be paid in full when booking or they will be cancelled.

LOCATION: For all picnics being held in public spaces, we will send an exact location ping 30 minutes before the picnic. We may take liberties with the setup to allow for the best experience possible. We may also move a picnic for many reasons, safety, more privacy, shade and views. We cannot control who will be in the space and when. If we cannot get access to said location, we will set up in another suitable location nearby. All local rules, signs, laws and other permissions apply. We cannot guarantee privacy, these are public spaces and there will be people. Some of our more secluded locations may be more private but it is not a guarantee.

FOOD: Please let us know of any food restrictions or allergies. If you have added Champagne or wine you must be 21+.

PHOTOS: By taking photos, you allow us to post on our social media accounts and any promotional materials we may produce in the future. All photos are the sole property of Picnics that Pop LLC.  and will be used at our discretion.

STOLEN ITEMS: Any items stolen or taken from the picnic that is not food or drinks will be charged to your credit card on file. If you have to leave the picnic early you will need to send us a text and we will gather the picnic.

– We do not offer any refunds but we will reschedule your picnic or issue you a credit with 72 hour notice.
– All reservations require a 48 hour notice